Fall Forrest

Some shots from the Troll Forrest this saturday.
It was a rainy day so the light is a bit grey, but the colors are great.
For some reason the pictures are a bit “crisp” and I didn’t even sharpen them. Anyone have a tip on how to soften them a bit?

14 thoughts on “Fall Forrest

  1. Bjorn: These are very nice. I like the green luminance and the wonderful mood of the place.
    The photos don’t look too sharp to me, they look just right. Can I assume that you have the settings in camera at “neutral”? Some times the camera will sharpen them automatically if you haven’t set them to zero or neutral. If you wanted to blur them a bit (I can’t think of a reason to do so) you might try a minimal gaussian blur or minimal noise reduction.
    These are great!

    • Thanks Bob for taking time to write an answer!
      Now looking at the pictures on another screen they look better, its on my laptop they look more crisp. Maybe time to calibrate the laptopscreen.
      The picture control setting does not affect the pictures, I shoot RAW and the picture controls like “neutral”, “vivid” and so on only affect the JPG’s created in the camera.
      Some gaussian blur could be a good idea, maybe it gives these pictures a more “dreamy” feeling, i have to try that later. Thanks again!

  2. Absolutely beautiful scenes! I love the perspectives and colors here… You capture this forest and its inhabitant, wonderful trees just wonderfully!

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