Landscape & Buildings

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All pictures on this page is owned by Björn Olsson.


39 thoughts on “Landscape & Buildings

  1. Bjorn: Thank you for the “like”.
    Your work is really terrific. Do I detect some HDR processing in some of your photos? It seems that you really have it under control.
    I will be looking in more often now that I know that your are here.

    • Thanks for your comment! You are right that I use HDR-processing in some of the pictures, but i also work with only contrast, sharpness and noice reduction in some pictures that could ressemble HDR.

      • Bjorn I don’t want to bother you but I just bought a D5100, a teeny step up from my D60 which I love. The 7000 would have truly befuudled me. I am so befuddled by the settings for sharpening and whether to shoot vivid or standard with what degree of sharpness. I like a vivid, warm, shot. When you have time, any suggestions? I promise not to be a pest 😀

      • I use vivid with a bit extra sharpness (around 7).
        But i recommend you to shoot in RAW, that way you can do all the settings after the shooting on your computer, that is the way I do and it gives more control over the end result.
        But for the JPEGs created directly in the camera I think standard settings for sharpness is to weak. So try to increase sharpness a couple of steps.

  2. Svenska or English? Härliga bilder du har! Nice photos Björn – Mölndal (min gamla hemtrakt) föll mig verkligen i smaken men även en hel del andra bilder. Kul att se!

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