Last week I was at Babel in Malmö to shoot a band called Eyehategod.
But the light at that concert was probably the worst I ever seen so the pics I took is nothing I want to show :-)
The supporting act, Pyramido, was great and the lights were better. The singer did the whole show off stage with the crowd, that was unusual.
I got som cool pics from Pyramido’s show.

Sweden Rock Festival

Last week I was at Sweden Rock Festival shooting concerts. It is a four day festival and luckily the weather was great all the time.
I managed to shoot 34 concerts in these days. Here are some samples.


On May 30 it was Sleaze night at Babel in Malmö with the swedish bands Crazy Lixx and Bai Bang.

The Dictators

The Dictators is one of the earliest punkbands. Founded around 1973 in New York.
Last night they played at Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö. Really fun to see they still do great shows! I liked it a lot!

Concert again

So, back from vacation and on to more concerts. This friday it was Thomas Stenström and Dotter on stage at Mejeriet in Lund.
For once the supporting act did have better lightning that the main act.. that means better photos on the supporting act.


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