Black Mass

This saturday the swedish black metal band Watain played at Kulturbolaget in Malmö.
The stage was decorated with crosses (upsidsdown), fire, sculls and other things to create the feeling of some kind of dark mass.
Because of the dimly lit stage it was a big challenge to get any useful photos.

Kultur Shock

Seattle, US, is the home of Nirvana. And it is also the home of Kultur Shock. K.S plays a mix of balkan-punk-metal-grunge-folk-etc-etc…
On February 13 they performed at Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö. Great concert!


Valentines Day

I spent Valentines day with Entombed A.D. at Bad Blood Night in Malmö.
Entombed are one of the founders of scandinavian death metal, founded 1989.
Valentines Day was Heavy, intense and fun!

Bandit Insanity Tour

Five great live acts in one evening on February 07 at Kulturbolaget, Malmö.
The acts was: Crunge, Smash Into Pieces, Outtrigger, H.e.a.t and Hardcore Superstar.
The tour with these bands is called Bandit Insanity Tour. And it was Insane… so much great music in one evening.

Celtic Punk Invasion

Last thursday the Celtic Punk Invasion invaded Kulturbolaget in Malmö.
Four great bands (Bryan McPherson, Blood or Whiskey, The Mahones and Dropkick Murphys) on stage made it a great evening.


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