Malmö Festival 2015

Last week it was Festival in Malmö. It is a big free city festival with loads of activities and food.
There are also several stages around the town with concerts from both small local acts and big stars.
The festival runs for 8 days.
Here are some pics from the concerts I covered.

Helgeå Festival 2015

This weekend I was shootig at a small swedish festival called Helgeå.
Its in the south of Sweden in the middle of nowhere, but had about 6000 visitors and some big names on stage.
The weather was sunny but around 10 degrees in the evenings so I was glad that I had gloves with me :-)
Here are some examples from the festival with bands like: Europe, Saxon, Skid Row, Bonafide, Treat, Bullet…
If you want to see all the pics you can go here.


On wednsday last week Sting did a concert at Sofiero Castle outside Helsingborg.
It was not that fun to shoot this concert… we only got two songs to shoot and we were only allowed to shoot from the sides of the photopit and could not even switch side. Soo all photos are from the same angle… (except from the first one that I managed to take before they told us where to stand in the pit).
Anyway… I think I got some decent pics from the concert.


On a very hot night in Veszprem, Hungary, the french zombierockabillyband Mac Abbé et le Zombi Orchestra played.
What a great concert!  The band was really fun and hardworking on stage. There was no dull moments att all.
This concert was a part of the Utcazene Fesztival in Veszprem. Its a free festival with outdoor concerts on different stages in the town.


Last week I was at Babel in Malmö to shoot a band called Eyehategod.
But the light at that concert was probably the worst I ever seen so the pics I took is nothing I want to show :-)
The supporting act, Pyramido, was great and the lights were better. The singer did the whole show off stage with the crowd, that was unusual.
I got som cool pics from Pyramido’s show.


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