Against Me!

This is Against Me!
They did a great Concert at Kulturbolaget on April 12.
The singer, Laura Jane Grace, is just a great front for the band.


A couple of weeks ago I shot two concerts with Dragonforce. The first one at Babel in Malmö and the second one a week later at The Tivoli in Helsingborg. Here are some pics from these shows.
If you know Dragonforce you know they play fast… really fast…

Open Studio Week

During Easter for about one week hundreds of artists all around Skåne, Sweden, open their studios for the public. During this week you can travel around and visit the artists and see them in action and buy their art. There are also a lot of galleries around Skåne you can visit during the week.
Besides from seeing a lot of art this week, when driving between all artists and galleries you also get to see the beautiful landscape around Skåne and tha landscape is also art :

Below you can see the beautiful landscape at Ales Stones in Kåseberga and some faces from Fabriken Art Gallery in Bästekille.

Ales Stones, Kåseberga, Sweden

Fabriken Art Gallery, Bästekille, Sweden

Bass and Drums

Most people think that a guitar is a natural ingredience in a rock band. Royal Blood (UK) and Nelson Can (DK) does not Think that. Yesterday these two bands played at Kulturbolaget in Malmö with just bass and drums as instruments. And yes, it was rocknroll… great Concert!

Jumps per Minute…

This saturday it was a swedish triple in rocknroll at Kulturbolaget, Malmö.
Supporting acts was Långfinger and The Graviators. Main act was Truckfighters.
If you should rank concerts from the number of jumps performed on stage (JPM = Jumps per minute), Truckfighters would probably be on the top of that list. The guitarist in the band was jumping almost all the time, even in the slow songs. And if he was not jumping he was running around all over the stage… very hard to frame with the camera :-)
Below is some shots from the concert, both the main act and the supporting ones.


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