Royal Southern Brotherhood

Yesterday I was shooting the Royal Southern Brotherhood at Kulturbolaget in Malmö.
RSB is a blues/funk/soul…band from New Orleans with members like Cyril Neville (Neville Brothers) and Devon Allman.
Unfortunately only around 100 people turned up to se the show, its always more feeling in a concert when the crowd is bigger.

Ulf Lundell

Yesternigh at KB i Malmö I was photographing Ulf Lundell. If you are from outside Sweden you might not know who he is, but he is one of the most famous musicians in Sweden.
Usually when I shoot at KB I only bring short lenses like 17-50 and 28-75 because its a small club and it is easy to get close to the stage even when they dont have a photo-pit.
But for some reason I decided to bring my 70-200 lens to this concert and that turned out to be a very smart move… When I got to the club I was told that photographers where not allowed closer to the stage than the mixing-table and that is in the back of the club… This is very unusual that artists have these restrictions. So the 70-200 was very useful yesternight :)

The Damned

Yesternight the legendary The Damned did a show at Kulturbolaget in Malmö. A really great and fun show.

Sziget 2014 Festival Life

Besides all concerts, art, theaters, circus and so on there are a lot of people at Sziget Festival, close to 400 000 from all over europe.
Here are some pictures of the most important people at the festival, the crowd!

Sziget 2014 concerts

So, now I am back home after seven days at Sziget Festival in Budapest in Hungary. It was a great week with a lot of fun and also a lot of work in the photopit. I got the chance to take photos of both big famous artists and new upcoming ones.
Honestly I prefer taking photos at the smaller stages where the less famous bands play. At these stages you get closer to the stage and several times I was the only photographer in the pit. At the bigger stages with the famous artists there could be like 50 photographers in the pit…
So here are some pics from the concerts.
If you want to see more you can go here:


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