I am now preparing for the event of the year! Sziget Festival 2014! Almost 400 000 people getting together on an island in the centre of Budapest, Hungary. The weather in Budapest in august is perfect for a festival: dry sunny, 30-40 degrees celcius! On friday evening we drive south through Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Solvakia to Hungary. After a soft week at the lake Balaton we go to Budapest for the festival.
There will be concerts, DJ’s, dance, theatre, circus, beach-parties, sports, chess-tournaments(!!), food, drinks… and much more 24-7 from august 11 until august 19.
I have a photo-pass for the festival and will take A LOT of photos. On my list of concerts I am intrested in I have 62 acts… hopefully I will have time for about half of them.
But I also will have time for a great time at the island of freedom (as the festival island is called)
Check out the festival here: http://szigetfestival.com/
ere are some pics from last years festival:


7 thoughts on “Festival!!

  1. An absolutely magnificent series of photographs! The joy and wierdness of the whole festival is here in your pictures. People having fun, full of joy and laughter with no inhibitions.

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