This Saturday I was taking photos at a hardcore concert in Malmö with the american band Cro-Mags as headline act and with the swedish bands Hårda Tider, Guilty, Shipwrecked and Beyond Pink as supporting acts.
If you ever been to a concert like this you know they are very intense. Most of the crowd stands about 5 meters from the stage beause the area in front of the stage is chaos with people dancing, waving their arms and running around making it impossible to just stand without being knocked down 🙂 And then you have the constand flow of people doing stagedives, all the time. The temperature in the club was several degrees higher than normal, so I should have had shorts instead of long jeans, it was a bit sweaty…

As a photographer I want to stand right in front of the stage, yesterday I constantly had to have one eye on the crowd so I could move when someone came flying from stage against me. I finally managed to climb a speaker to be able to concentrate a bit more on taking photos…
It was a great show!

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