This is why i shoot RAW

If you have a DSLR you can shoot RAW instead of JPG. Why? Well, I think this picture is a good example why.
This night I was shooting the swedish band tAkidA at Kulturbolaget in Malmö. When shooting concerts you get the three first songs to shoot. Tonight the light-guy decided to use only red and blue spots during this part of the concert. If I had been shooting only JPG it would have been very hard to get usable pictures, the pic on the left is the JPG and changing that would have been hard and at the same time preserve the quality.
But since I shoot in RAW i could make some adjustments to the red/blue picture in Camera Raw to change the white balance and colorbalance to make the pictures usable.
So… allways shoot RAW!



3 thoughts on “This is why i shoot RAW

  1. there’s nothing wrong with what you did but for some people (especially ones being present at the concert) you took away form the concert atmosphere. i am not saying that you’re wrong, like you i’m shooting only raw even when i shoot 10frames/sec. but one can change the white balance and apply colour correction to a jpeg file as well as any raw file. on a computer screen i don’t know if one can see any difference after corrections but print the photos and the truth is coming out

    • I can promise you that the atmosphere at the concert did not look like the left picture! And I think that people who look at the pictures would like to see the person in the picture instead of just a red dot.
      And about jpeg, offcourse you can do the corrections in a JPG but every change in a JPG makes the file more and more destroyed. But I guess this is something that could be debated a long time so I am not getting in to a longer explanation 🙂

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