It is really hard to get good shots of the drummers at concerts, they sit in the back where its often bad lightning and there are always stuff in the way.
Yesterday when shooting at a concert with Mustasch I got the opportunity to shoot from the stage just next to the drummer. So finally I got a nice close up drummer-picture!
Here are some more pictures from that concert: Mustasch at Festivalphoto.net



7 thoughts on “Drums

  1. Very cool! Could you write a post on the techniques you use to capture this kind of photo? I recently toured with a band and took a few shots which I’ll upload onto my blog soon if you could possibly post feedback that would be really kind.

    Thanks, keep up the great work!


    • Thanks for the comment! I read on your blog that you travel with Black Stone Cherry! That is really cool! Great band!
      So about the techniques for taking concert pictures, it is not that advanced. But you need to practice a lot. Hera are some simple advice:

      Use quality lenses with fixed aperture on f/2.8 och less som they let in as much light as possible.

      Set your camera on Manual. There are no automatic settings on the camera that work on a concert because the light always change. For example if there is a bright spot the autosettings try to compensate for that and give you a picture perfectly exposed for the spot, but the subject is totally dark.
      Use higher ISO than you normally do, its better with a grainy sharp image than a clean blurry one 🙂

      When I am at clubs (they are mostly darker than arenas) taking pictures I start with the following settings: ISO: 1600, Shutterspeed: 1/200, Aperture 2.8 or 3.2. Then I use the firts minutes to check the pictures to see if they are ok or the settings needs to be changed. After that I just shoot, there is no time to look at the pictures all the time because then you will miss the action. Ofcourse if the light changed drastically during the concert the settings have to be adjusted, but after I while you learn what to change without having to review the result.

      On arenas and festivals it is often easier because the light is better and you can lower the ISO and increase the shutterspeed.

      Finally: shoot in RAW.

      Have fun!

      • Wow! Thank you for the really in depth reply! I’ll post some pictures of the tour very soon so if you check back in a few days hopefully you can see how I did… with your tips I’m sure I can do better now!

        Thanks again 🙂

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