Battle Beast

Battle Beast from Finland performing at KB in Malmö.
The whole set is here:


5 thoughts on “Battle Beast

  1. Bjorn. Don’t try to arm wrestle the blonde.
    These are really good. The menace and threat of violence oozes from every shot. I certainly hope that the band chooses a couple of these for an album cover.

    • Thanks Bob! But I dont agree about the violence and threat. They look just very engaged and happy about the fact they have the possibility to express them selves through their music.

      • Bjorn: I guess it’s the uniform.
        Would it be fair to say that their sound is a heavy metal combination of ABBA and Queen?

      • Not really 🙂 I think Abba is very far from this sound. But the singer she has a really strong and heavy voice. Check them out on youtube.

      • Will do.
        I listened to bits from their website promoting their latest CD to arrive at that opinion. I’ll see if it changes when I check out youtube.

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