Winter in Denmark

Today it was windy and a lot of snow in southerns Sweden. So I took a trip across the bridge to Denmark and found this… almost like spring!


3 thoughts on “Winter in Denmark

  1. These are great shots Bjorn. “Winter in the Banana Belt” could be the title! (A bit cynical, I suppose.)
    I really like the rich colours of the swamp.

    • I am not sure I follow your thought about banana belt.. 🙂 Something to do with denmark?
      About the colors, I was a bit surprised to find colors this time of year. But it is probably not a swamp, just a flooded part of the forest.

      • Anywhere that it is warmer than you can be called a Banana Belt. Travelling from Snowy Sweden to Spring-like Denmark qualifies as going to the Banana Belt.

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