Vanishing Forest

Deep in the forest you can find these big cut down areas, it does not look very pretty…


8 thoughts on “Vanishing Forest

  1. A sad sight! Were these trees planted or did they grow naturally? I get that sinking feeling every time I pass a logging truck transporting our African hardwood forests over to China. And these days I seem to pass at least 15 trucks on our daily drive into Beira city. Great images representing a world wide problem.

  2. Great photos. And looking closely, this is very clean logging that has not ripped at the ground – the moss cover is still mostly intact, there is not a lot of ‘slash’ lying around, It looks like the land is being cared for and will generate yet another forest without a lot of erosion or other damage. Compare it to the way they usually log here in British Columbia and it is something to be proud of.

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