Sunset Without a Sun

I was down at the beach to capture the sunset, but no sun in sight… just clouds.
Took some long exposure pics anyway, turned out really ok!

On thing I have problem with, in photoshop the picture is more blue but in my browser it has another tone.
Anyone know how to make the picture look exactly the same in PS and in the browser.
I made one (below) where I toned down the color that maybe looks better in the browser?


15 thoughts on “Sunset Without a Sun

  1. First I preferred the first one; but after a few tries second gave me more depth feeling on horizon, especially where the bridge meets with it.
    I have no idea about PS problem, good luck.

    • I did a little test to change the colour space of your photo (which is sRGB) to AdobeRGB and the AdobeRGB settings make it more blue. In Photoshop: Edit>Color Spaces>RGB you can change the working colour space to see how the photo is affected.

      • Thanks for taking time to answer me. I am a bit, or more than a bit, confused about sRGB and AdobeRGB. I have searched the net on info about when to use what profile and there are a lot of different answers out there…
        But the most common opinion seems to be that you should have your camera set to Adobe because it handles more colors. Maybe these camera settings only apply when you shoot only jpg, I am not sure about that, when you shoot Raw you choose RGB-mode when you “develop”. When you work with the picture in PS it should be Adobe, but when saving it for using on the web it should be converted to sRGB because all browsers and screens does not handle the AdobeRGB.
        I noticed one other thing. When i saved my picture it was in 300ppi, but downloading it from wordpress it was 72ppi. Apparently WP converts the picture to 72ppi, maybe that is one reason for the picture to look different on the web? I dont know… I am confused 🙂

  2. Just beautiful! Definitely the color modes as mentioned above. I work in RGB in Photoshop and don’t have color shift. Also make sure you calibrate your monitor. I use ColorMunki to calibrate mine.

    • Thanks Karen. As you see from previous comments there are at least two RGB-modes and I am confused 🙂
      But I should recalibrate my screen, when using my laptop-screen the difference between PS and WP is not that significant as on my big screen. I use Datacolor Spyder 4 Pro for calibrating my screens. But I think I have to create several colorschemes I can switch between, because the Spyder meassures the surrounding light when calibrating and if I calibrate in daylight I gues that profile isnt the best at night…
      It is easier to calibrate the laptop because there are no extra settings on the screen, on my big LED-screen there are a lot of extra settings that I dont know if the calibration can override completely.. this also confuses me 🙂

    • Thanks Ehpem! I read the post you linked to and I guess there are more people out there that are as confused as I am 🙂
      But at least I have figured out that WP converts the pictures to 72ppi and that could affect the picture… maybe…

      • There appears to be no simple answer since it seems as if it is not even every picture that is affected, or affected the same way. Experimentation continues. I do think that if I load images that have the same pixel width as my theme allows (1024) that they tend to look better in the blog with little or no improvement when opened in a separate tab. But, sometimes I want to load a bigger image, like a panorama, so that all the detail can be seen if someone cares to look at a larger image.

  3. For display inside your blog posting, WP will resize to fit your theme box. This does change the appearance of the photograph. Mine for example never look as sharp inside my theme as they do when opened in a new tab by clicking on them. It bugs me that this happens, but I don’t know how to change it.
    Standard web resolution is 72 ppi. What matters here are the “pixel dimensions” of the file you submitted. If you click on your photo, a new tab opens and the photo that appears has the pixel dimensions 1024×678 which I am assuming is the size of the file you uploaded to WP. I usually upload a file that has pixel dimensions 1100x{whatever} and it seems to work.

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