Today I was at Malmö Art Museum (Malmö Konsthall) to see an installation by Mike Nelson. “408 tons of concrete” was the name of the installation. It was very impressive to see all this concrete on the floor in a perfect geometric pattern.




7 thoughts on “Geometry

    • Thanks! About taking photos I guess it is up to the artist to decide the rules, at least at this museum in Malmö. Because this is a one-time installation I guess he wants it to be shared.
      I dont feel that a lot of museums are so uptight, when traveling around europe and in Sweden I guess its 50/50 regarding allowing photo or not. In a lot of places you are allowed to take pictures but you are not allowed to use flash.

      • i usually ignore no photography rules (i never use flash) – i just disagree with it. there is no good reason for that rule. It annoys me

    • Hehe! The only downside with the “italian style” installation is that it would be very hard to walk around inside the installation…. unless you use magic mirrors…

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