My picture (the one above) is one of the 20 finalists in a photo-contest, best concert shoot!
The picture with most facebook-likes are automatic in the top six and gets a prize!

So, if you are on facebook, please vote for me. Just follow the link below to the contest-page and you find my pic as number 3 from below of the page. Just click like!  Thanks!

EDIT: Now the competition is over, I placed as number 5! That means I got a prize! 🙂 Thanks!

The link:


13 thoughts on “Vote!

    • Thanks a lot!
      About the light? Well I dont know what to tell There was a lot of light on the stage but i managed to take this photo without getting any light from the other sources. It took about 10 tries to get this shot, the spolight blinked all the time and as soon as I shot a pic the light was off… but finaly I was synced with the light 🙂

  1. Perfect shot. Just amazing. I looked through the other finalists, and I found some good ones, but surely, I’ll vote for only you. 🙂 My cat has also voted for you, on his facebook user.

    • Thanks Solveig! And a special thanks to you cat! He/she has an excellent taste! 🙂 Do you have any more pets with facebook-accounts? Now I have to start a facebook account for my cat and my turtle! Maybe the spider I have outside on the porch needs a facebook account too..?

      • You’re welcome. 🙂 No, I only have one pet with a facebook account. He also have his own blog. I’ve seen lots of cat/dog profiles on facebook but I’ve never seen a turtle profile. Would be funny.

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