Depth of Field

Even with a Nikon 55-300 at F/8 you can get a nice blur in the background.
The question is as usual: B/W or Color? I think both have pros and cons and its a tie!


20 thoughts on “Depth of Field

  1. Tough question. I like them both for different reasons – b/w really shows the textures of the stone – colour – shows the great colour in the stone! I agree – it’s a tie

  2. My vote goes for the B&W version in this case but that’s an amazing blur at F8. Jury is going for the score cards… 😉

  3. The colour works best for me. The out of focus trees and stuff are quite uninteresting blobs in the black and white version. The nice greens and yellows of the background add interest to the colour version. The colours in the rock are unique and the texture is present in the colour verstion too.

  4. that is a tough call. i like the color one.. the colors in the rock get my attention more than the bright greens in the background. I think the color in the rock is unexpected so it draws my eye in.. great shots either way!

  5. De er begge flotte, men med forskjellig stemning i dem. Det i farger er varmere og litt mer innbydende. Mens det i svart-hvitt er kjøligere og kanskje mer interessant.

  6. B/W has more feel for me… I,m surprised Graham went for the colour version having followed his photo’s for ever 🙂

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