Dude, Where is my Bike?

Where did I park my bike? In Lund, everybody rides bicycle. It is the city in sweden that has most bikes per capita!


13 thoughts on “Dude, Where is my Bike?

  1. Fantastisk! Så mange sykler er helt utrolig. og så interessant at Lund er den byen med flest sykler. Er det fordi det er korte avstander og enkelt å komme fram?

    • Tack Inga! Jag tror att många väljer att cykla istället för att köra bil för att varannan gata i stan är enkelriktad (envei..), så det är nästan omöjligt att hitta fram med bil och gör man det tar det dubbelt så lång tid som att cykla.

  2. Hello Bjorn,

    You are a true artist. I love your images of the world. I also need a bike…..

    I have nominated your wonderful blog for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ (http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/).
    I felt humbled in gaining recognition from a fellow blogger, whom I respect, and as a result, have connected with a load more wonderful folk; sharing through words and images this incredible collective experience we are all having.
    The ‘turtle’ started small and is maturing slowly, it is nice to hear of people reading and enjoying my reflections on the ride.
    See the original turtle post here:
    Good luck with all……
    Peace and Light,

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