Strindberg Photo Exhibition

Today was not a photoday. So instead, here are a couple of pictures from an exhibition I visited earlier this year.
Photos by Strindberg (swedish writer, 1849-1912) at Kulturen in Lund, the second oldest open air museum in the world (dont know which one is the oldest..).


12 thoughts on “Strindberg Photo Exhibition

    • Thanks for your input Andy! I value it!
      You are right about the light switch. I did some quick cloning and removed it and it looks better. I updated the post with the new version so you can see the result.
      Not a perfect clone-job… I maybe will try to redo it later.

    • Thanks! But, you should know that my photos dont allways look good… I take a LOT of photos and I only post the ones that look good, there are a lot of my photos that dont look good at all 🙂

      • I,m with you on that one. I carry two cameras in case i fill one up 🙂 I think last year when I backed everything up I reached close on 30,000 images. Is that normal or do I have a problem 🙂

      • Yes, you definitely have a problem 😉 (like a lot of other photographers including me…)
        I have a problem with deleting pictures even if they are not so good and I dont have any use for them, so its good that harddrives are pretty cheap!
        But carry two cameras sounds crazy 🙂 Why dont you just carry some extra memory-cards??

      • 🙂 no .. I take a Lumix with me into the Hills too.. for those days when the weather gods don’t play too well and I keep the other one stowed away in his waterproof house. You never know what is going to happen from one hour to the next most times do you 🙂 keep up the good work

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