The Troll Forrest

Some trees in the Troll Forrest, Torna Hällestad, Sweden.


5 thoughts on “The Troll Forrest

  1. Bjorn, Absolutley beautiful photos.. My Granddaughter is 16 and very interested in photography. She has won different exhibits of her work and was delighted. One was chosen photo odf the day at a local fair. Now she has just entered a art show at our local church.
    Hope to see more of your photos here. How does she show her photos here? Thank you for blessing me today.. Lucy

  2. I was looking at your picture called “Troll Forest, Torna Hällestad, Sweden”. I absolutely love it! It’s just beautiful! I have a question. I am from the U.S. and have done a lot of genealogy for our family. My great-grandmother was Swedish and came from Gulten in Ostergotland province near Hällestad. They were members of the church in Hällestad and I have many ancestors buried there. Is Torna Hällestad the same place? I noticed you wrote Skane province relating to Torna Hällestad, so I wasn’t sure. I also thought that Skane and Ostergotland province were near each other. I had relatives from both places. I have never been to Sweden but I have always wanted to go and find these places that my ancestors were from. I feel very connected to all things Swedish and I love your pictures, it gives me a chance to see the place I most want to visit. Thanks 🙂 Jen

    • Hi Jen! Thanks for writing. The Hällestad in my pictures are not near Östergötland, it is probably a common name for a small village.
      You remind me of swedish realityshow that was on tv last year. A bunch of americans came to sweden to find their swedish roots, and in each episode one was sent back to us and only the winner got to meet their swedish relatives. “Allt för Sverige” was the name (all for sweden). Maybe you can find it on the net, i think you would like it.

  3. Thanks for your response, I looked on the map and noticed you are farther south of Gulten/Hällestad. I will look up “Allt för Sverige” sounds interesting. I would sign up for a show like that, but I would be really upset to be sent home with nothing. Was it popular? Does Hällestad mean something in Swedish? I know Gulten means Golden. She lived on Gulten Lake. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Jen 🙂

    • I dont know how popular the show was, I watched a couple of episodes and it was ok.
      Hällestad could mean holy village but it could also mean the village on the plain, or even Helges place (Helge is a mans name). I dont know which one is the correct one 🙂

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